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"Women for Future" at Emotion Award Germany

Als Patin und Laudatorin beim Emotion Award 2015 unterstütze sie die Initiative „Frauen für die Zukunft“ in der Kategorie Zukunftsmacherin.



BBC TV named K.Y. "Ambassador of Change"

BBC TV visited Khatera Yusufi in her studio as Host of the Show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and called her “Ambassador of change” because she brought a lot of positive changes in Afghanistan through her tv programs, especially for afghan girls and women. Afghan women see her as a role model and her activities have a huge impact on their lives and actions.



SWR TV - as guest on celebrity Show by german TV Legend Frank Elstner "Menschen der Woche“

Bei ihrem Auftritt bei Frank Elstner in der Sendung "Menschen der Woche“ berichtete "Afghanistan´s Günther Jauch" über ihre Erlebnisse als Moderatorin in Afghanistan und wie sie ihre Popularität nutzt, um sich für Pressefreiheit, Frauenrechte und Kriegsopfer einzusetzen.

Der NDR betitelte Yusufi als Moderatorin mit Mut und Herz. Das vermittelt die charmante Rednerin bei ihren Shows und Bühnenauftritten gekonnt und erobert mit Begeisterung die Herzen ihres Publikums.



RTL- Spendenmarathon Charity Gala - RTL TV - Germany

Khatera Yusufi supported the RTL Charity Gala  (RTLSpendenmarathon) alongside other celebrities including Hollywood Star Ben Stiller, Wolfram Kons, Uschi Glas, Jana Ina to help the victims in Haiti.



Appreciation Memento at World Trade Centre Mumbai by afghan Consul

2014 war sie Key-note speaker beim Global Economic Summit in Mumbai World Trade Center und erhielt eine Auszeichnung für ihr Engagement für Frauen vom afghanischen Konsul in Indien.



„Appreciation Award for Excellence Achievements“ Las Vegas

Khatera Yusufi was honored with "Appreciation Award for Excellence Achievements" in Las Vegas by Rumi Committee.




Committed laudator: Khatera Yusufii August 7, 2014 - GreenTec Awards

At this year’s GreenTec Awards on May 4 in Munich, journalist, presenter and author Khatera Yusufi presented an award on stage. Khatera Yusufi used to present "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" in Afghanistan and the "Green View- Show", which is based on the "Oprah Winfrey Show". Alongside her German colleague Günther Jauch, she was on the RTL "Celebrity Special" and was therefore involved in the telethon on RTL. Khatera Yusufi is patron to the UN Women Program"Education for Women and Girls in Afghanistan". Yusufi has been named presenter and journalist of the year 2013 by the Rumi Awards Committee in Las Vegas. She supports the Peace One Day Organization and is a member of the Global Truce Campaign. As a laudator on stage of the GreenTec Awards, the journalist pled for more eco-friendliness in the light of efficiency and profitability. Khatera Yusufi about her commitment to the GreenTec Awards: "I support the ‘Green Oscars’ due to their uniqueness as the most significant platform with innovative ideas and projects. They explicitly support and promote sustainable and efficient solutions for the protection of our environment."